Direct Response Mailings:

Master the Market Launch Email Sequence – February 2019

Quick Hit Trader Sales Rep Email – June 2019

Score Big Wins on Any Given Sunday – February 2018

Is It Time to Chill on Netflix? – April 2017

You’re Invited to Our Memorial Day Re-Launch! – May 2017


Late Session Burst Brings Dow Jones Industrial Average Win Streak to 11 – Article for a daily market recap e-zine. Published on SchaeffersResearch.com February 2017.

2 Biotechs Ready to Rocket – Discusses recent stock movement and option action for 2 drugmakers. Published on SchaeffersResearch.com February 2017.

A Low-Risk Options Strategy for High Volatility Stocks – Discusses the long strap trading strategy. Published on SchaeffersResearch.com February 2017.

Golden Crosses and Death Crosses as Technical Indicators – Discusses two technical indicators for stocks. Published on SchaeffersResearch.com January 2017.

The ABC’s of Bull Call Spreads – Article discussing long call spread trading strategy. Published on SchaeffersResearch.com December 2016.

Sustaining Paradise: Southern Cross Club and Central Caribbean Institute – An article discussing Southern Cross Club and its collaboration with Central Caribbean Institute. Published in Venue Lifestyle & Event Guide Fall 2014.

Bringing Passion & Dedication to Sports Medicine – Feature on Dr. Angelo Colosimo of UC Health. Published in Venue Lifestyle & Event Guide Winter 2014.

It Takes A Village: Collaboration in Cincinnati Public Schools – Interview with Mary Ronan, superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools; Eve Bolton, president of the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education; and Julie Sellers, president of Cincinnati Federation of Teachers. Published in LEAD Magazine Winter 2014.

Empowering Consumers to Create Stronger Businesses: The Role of the Better Business Bureau – Article featuring Jocile Ehrlich, president and CEO of Cincinnati’s Better Business Bureau. Published in LEAD Magazine Winter 2014.

Press Releases:

Walhill Farm: Valentine’s Day specials – Press release for Walhill Farm Restaurant highlighting Valentine’s Day specials for February 2014.

Walhill Farm Restaurant: Bacon, Blues, and Brew – Press release for Walhill Farm’s second annual Bacon, Blues, and Brew event in August 2014.

SOTENI International: A Cupcake Affair with a Kenyan Flair – Press release for SOTENI International to promote the organization’s annual fundraiser, A Cupcake Affair with a Kenyan Flair.

Ad Copy:

Walhill Farm: Cincinnati Magazine – Published in Cincinnati Magazine August 2013. Designed by FX Design.


SOTENI International: Catching up with SOTENI newsletter – Newsletter created to connect with supporters and give an update on current initiatives in both Kenya and Cincinnati.

SOTENI International: Exciting news for Team SOTENI newsletter – A brief email newsletter to alert SOTENI supporters of events happening near them with the goal of promoting participation.


Directorybug: How to Combine Or Merge a Google+ Brand Page with a Google+ Local Page – Instructions for business owners who want to take advantage of the Google+ update that combined Google+ Local pages with Google+ Brand pages.

DirectoryBug: What’s the Point of Listing Your Business? – An informational post about the benefits of business directory listings for businesses hoping to market to a local audience.

DirectoryBug: Checking Google Places Penalties – A post detailing how Local SEO professionals and business owners can determine whether or not a business has been penalized by Google Places.

DirectoryBug: White Hat, Black Hat – A blog post discussing the difference between ethical and unethical SEO practices.

DirectoryBug: SEO: The Basics – Created as a resource for those just beginning to learn about SEO and Local SEO, this blog post gives the bare-bones information about search engine optimization.

DirectoryBug: Google’s Latest Local Search Algorithm Update – Discusses the impact of Google’s Pigeon update on local search marketing.


SOTENI International Flying Pig Marathon – Flyer created to promote fundraising efforts of SOTENI International in May 2013.